Official Ballot for the 2017 Election
Office of Vice President, Board of Directors and Nominating Committee


Welcome to the 2017 election site for the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery. On this site, you will access important information about the candidates and submit your ballot for voting in this year's election.


As a voting member of ASDS, you are asked to ratify the selection of the candidate for the office of Vice President, select three (3) candidates for the Board of Directors and select one (1) individual for the Nominating Committee.


The Vice President will automatically succeed to the offices of President-Elect, President and then Immediate Past President of the Society. As President, his or her role will be to serve as the Society’s key spokesperson on important issues, preside at all Board of Director and Executive Committee meetings, appoint committees and work groups, lead the governance team and be influential in the determination of organizational priorities.


Each of the three individuals elected to the Board will serve the Society for a three-year term. They will participate in all meetings of the Board of Directors, serve on committees and/or work groups, be part of the governance team and be influential in the determination of organizational priorities.


The individual appointed to the open position on the ASDS Nominating Committee shall serve a three-year term. The Nominating Committee is responsible for overseeing the ASDS Election, recommending candidates for the AAD election, and vetting candidates for the Resident Representative position to the Board of Directors.


Those individuals elected to serve the Board of Directors of the Society shall also serve in the same position and tenure on the Board of Directors of the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery Association (ASDSA).


Your participation in the process is important. Sometimes candidates are elected by very small margins, so every vote counts. Even though you may not personally know a candidate, the information provided will give you enough insight to determine which candidates align with your expectations of an ASDS leader.


Please submit your ballot, no later than Friday, July 14. Results will be announced in Currents. Incoming Board members will be introduced during the ASDS Annual Meeting in Chicago, IL at the ASDS Business Meeting on Friday, October 6, 2017.


In advance, thank you for participating in this very important process.


Best regards,



Timothy C. Flynn, MD, Chair
Nominating Committee


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